Breaking the cycle of addiction!

Better Kids Club is a registered 501C3 Non-Profit Organization, EIN 821104797 that helps children of addicts or those who have suffered from these issues related to addiction, neglect, and abandonment.

Better Kids Club Mission

“My daughter has been in Better Kids Club for years. She has autism and is drug effected during pregnancy. I am making better choices in my life and am trying to show my daughter a better way of life. Better Kids Club has been encouraging, loving, and accepting of my daughter. Better Kids Club has always been flexible with my daughters needs.

Helping her to feel apart of while giving her space when needed. My daughter often isolates especially during pandemic. My daughter is often rejected by peers in the community. But with the patience of everyone at Better Kids Club my daughter is excited for the next event to happen. My daughter finally found a place she feels safe and accepted. I am so grateful for Better Kids Club.

– Anonymous

Making Memories that last a Lifetime!

Go Kart Racing Program 2021

“I have been involved with the BKC in a number of ways over the last 3 years, putting the bones of the nonprofit into place. I have always had faith in the mission and knew it was going to make a huge difference in the lives of any family who chose to participate in the program. It was not until I started fostering my niece that I saw the magic happen.

She became involved in the Go cart program earlier this year and from there she started to find a major purpose. She had struggled in the past making and keeping friends as other children did not understand what she had experienced in life and in her mother’s addictions. The children that did understand usually were acting out in the same ways she had been because the trauma in their own lives had not been addressed and the negative energy was not directed in a positive outlet.

After becoming involved in the BKC my niece told me she had found her people and that she had a new healthy family. She is excited to be on the track and to learn about cars as she aspires to be a mechanic when she goes up. This program-much like the 12 steps- can change a child’s whole outlook on themselves and the world around them.

 I am so grateful to witness this in our community!”

– Anonymous

2021 STEM Grant Announcement

“It is our humble privilege to announce that the Better Kids Club has received a grant provided by the STEM-CTE Hub of Linn-Benton Community College. A special thank you to Chris Singer and the entire staff of the STEM-CTE Hub for assisting in securing this grant for the empowerment of the Better Kids Club. With this valuable resource we can expand on educational resources that excel the enrichment and mission of the Better Kids Club in our community.

The Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub is the state’s newest educational partnership between LBCC, Oregon State University, the Linn Benton Lincoln Educational Service District, all the K-12 Districts in Linn and Benton counties, and industry and community partners like the Albany Pipeline Program and the Boys and Girls Clubs, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).”

-BKC Board of Directors

Community Events

We believe that by working together, we can give our kids a better chance of living a healthy, productive life free from substance abuse and emotional entanglement.

– Troy Vaughan, Founder

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